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Kanazawa Sensei has long been recognized as one of the world's great martial arts masters and innovators. He has successfully incorporated principles from Tai Chi as well as different styles of karate into his teachings for many years. He has strived to establish and demonstrate links between different Martial Arts. Now, for the first time, he has allowed the Bo Kata that he created more than 30 years ago to be taught publicly.

Kanazawa No Bo Dai and Kanazawa No Bo Sho are two very dynamic kata that relate directly to both Shotokan karate and kobudo. The kata have very strong roots in Shotokan, to the point where they could be considered to be Shotokan Kata, performed with a Bo. Therefore the term "Shotokan Bo" could be applied to describe these kata. However, they also provide an excellent insight into kobudo, and how a weapon changes fighting strategies. With these Kata, Kanazawa Sensei is making a strong Statement that karate-do and kobudo should not be seen as separate arts, but as members of one family of arts.

These two kata are very closely related, in that they are essentially two versions of the same kata, in the same way that Gojushiho Dai and Gojushiho Sho are two versions of the same kata.
Kanazawa No Bo Dai is a dynamic, expansive kata, with the big movements typical of a "Dai" kata. lt employs long deepvstances and many large cicular techniques. lt also contains side thrust kicks, a jumping technique and side-to-side evasive movements that distinguish it from it's sister kata.

Kanazawa No Bo Sho is a more subtle kata than "Dai". The long back-stances are replaced with short cat-stances, and the movements are shorter but more direct, making them more efficient but equally effective. This kata replaces the side thrust kicks with stamping kicks, and the jumping technique is replaced with a sequence of defenses and attacks. Kanazawa No Bo Sho also utilises the principle of "Sen No Sen", where the equivalent sequence in Kanazawa No Bo Dai is distinctly "Go No Sen".

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